Tutorials to use the main features of the Onna platform

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# Getting started with the API

These tutorials highlight specific features of the Onna platform, and provide a "good practice" approach to organizing and sharing your work. All of these tutorials require that you're authenticated.

After you've authenticated, you can Create a static Datasource in a Workspace and upload files to it.

Workspaces and sharing describes the API endpoints you'll use to collaborate and share within the Onna platform. Search and triggers demonstrates both the platform's search capabilities and how to define a content rule.

# Requirements

Please make sure that you have all requirements installed.

# Tutorials

Authentication shows the Onna authentication flow.

Create a static Datasource explains how to create a workspace, import and download content by using the Onna API.

Workspaces and sharing describes the sharing API endpoints.

Search and triggers describes the @search endpoint. Additionally, it describes how to search for a term and set a smart action for it.

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