October 2020

Developer Documentation changelog, revamped Getting started, improved admonitions, new glossary entries

  • We now publish a changelog of outstanding updates to the Developer hub. You can also check them on the landing page.
  • The Hello world section has been revamped with a new structure and increased usability
  • The Exporting logs with Python section has been revamped
  • The documentation has just 3 types of admonitions now: Tips, Infos, and Warnings
  • The alt text of the links to the glossary is now consistent for every reference
  • The code blocks' background and code highlighting have new colors that match our brand
  • The glossary has new entries, such as SSO, SAML, spyder, and so on
  • We implemented minor improvements to wording, hyperlinks, and content hierarchy

Last Updated: 3/30/2021, 8:30:19 AM