November 2020

Tags and descriptions for all articles, alt text for all links, revamped About section, and more...

  • The About section now includes all general knowledge articles that used to be in other sections.
  • We removed the Advanced badge from articles in the Formulas section. The ideal knowledge for topics is now mentioned in the section overview.
  • You can now click on the section title in the navigation bar and you'll be taken to the section's overview.
  • We added various terminology and structure background checks that will help making the documentation more consistent.
  • All hyperlinks have alt text now. A little step towards more accessible documentation.
  • We removed the Overview or Intro headings from some articles to reduce clutter in the navigation bar.
  • All topics have tags now. You'll get more relevant hits when you use the search bar.
  • The Get started article has a new title: Hello world
  • All the content follows sentence-style capitalization
  • The description of each article has been improved. You can understand at a glance if an article is relevant for you.

Last Updated: 3/30/2021, 8:30:19 AM