February 2021

More updates to OpenAPI specification, updated How to authenticate, some aesthetic changes, and more...

  • We archived the Export logs with Rust article because it was no longer being actively maintained
  • We updated tag descriptions, removed redundancies, and added more context information to some OpenAPI endpoints
  • Minor terminology and editorial fixes to some of the existing articles
  • We updated the article How to authenticate to increase clarity when explaining placeholder values
  • We removed the Last updated timestamp from the OpenAPI specification It was misleading because the date represented the last update to the container file instead of specification itself
  • We updated the Monitor activity article to clarify on the timestamp format
  • All images on the website are now being compressed when they are published. This will result in shorter loading times
  • Aesthetic changes to the website: new logo, navigation bar colors, code sample tabs style, content width

Last Updated: 9/14/2021, 12:41:32 PM