Documentation updates

A list of all the updates to the Onna Developer Documentation

February 2022

New article on how to share resources

August 2021

Added clarification about the timestamp format of the logging endpoints

July 2021

This month we did no content updates, just some minor maintenance. Stay tuned!

June 2021

Updated create folders article, long code samples are foldable, improved wording

May 2021

List of response codes, updated Slack Enterprise article, improved API reference

April 2021

Reading progress bar on top of articles

March 2021

New website structure, breadcrumbs, Create user-based Slack Datasource article, improved User activity article

February 2021

More updates to OpenAPI specification, updated How to authenticate, some aesthetic changes, and more...

January 2021

Updates to OpenAPI specification, improved usability for code blocks, Python 3.8 is a requirement

December 2020

New article: Create exports, updated article: How to authenticate

November 2020

Tags and descriptions for all articles, alt text for all links, revamped About section, and more...

October 2020

Developer Documentation changelog, revamped Getting started, improved admonitions, new glossary entries

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