Response codes

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The list of HTTP status response codes returned by the Onna API

HTTP status response codes indicate whether an HTTP request has been successfully completed.

You can find the full list of status codes on MDN's website (opens new window). This is the list of the status codes returned by the Onna API:

Status Text Description
200 OK (opens new window) Success
400 Bad request (opens new window) The request is invalid. This code is usually related to an incorrect syntax or format of your request.
401 Unauthorized (opens new window) Missing or wrong authentication. It can be because of incorrect credentials or because you don't have permissions.
404 Not found (opens new window) The requested resource cannot be found. For example, you are making a request for a non-existing account.
412 Preconditions failed (opens new window) The preconditions of the request aren't valid. For example, something from your headers.

Last Updated: 5/20/2021, 7:07:56 AM