Common terms for the Onna Developer Documentation

# account_type

Identifier for the different account types in Onna.

# behavior

A programming construct that allows a certain trait to be reused among other software components.

# client_id

Identifies a component, defined in the configuration values.

# client_secret

Password, used in conjunction with a client_id, to generate a service token.

# container

The name of the database attached to your account. Our naming convention is to use the account name you provided during the self-registration process.

# Datasource

Content type in the Onna platform used to collect data from cloud-based services that also holds the configuration values needed to establish a connection to the remote source.

# HTTP headers

HTTP headers (opens new window) are used to send additional information about the request or response.

Authentication tokens can be sent in a HTTP header.

# magic_url

A one-time use link that provides a direct landing on specific content within the platform.


Multi-factor authentication (opens new window).

An authentication system that requires more than one distinct authentication factor for successful authentication.

# op

Short for operation, used in the payload of a request to inform the API that an action needs to take place on a value.

# Preservation

A Preservation (opens new window) in Onna allows you to retain data pertaining to specific users while letting other data fall out of Onna through your normal retention settings.

# prinrole

Shorthand for "principal + role", used when sharing resources.

# resource

A resource is a representation of a data component from an origin source (Datasource).

For example, a Gmail Datasource will contain email message resources.


Security Assertion Markup Language (opens new window) is an XML-based standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and a service provider.

# service account

A service account is not tied to an organization's Single Sign-On or Multi-factor authentication settings. This allows service accounts to access certain administrative parts of the Onna API that other accounts can't access, such as the user activity and audit logs.

Only our support team can create service accounts. If you want to request one, we recommend creating a new user that the service account permissions will be granted to. Verify the user's email address and contact support[at] to request the conversion of the user into a service account.

# scope

The name of your account.

scope, container, and account may be the same value.


Onna offers Single Sign On (SSO (opens new window)) integration through Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) with a variety of compliant identity providers such as Okta, Google Workspace, Azure, OneLogin, PingOne.

# token

A JWT token (opens new window), which is returned from the login endpoint.

# wallet

A centralized management solution for Datasource credentials. Wallets can be both per user, and for an account. Account wallets are shareable by account administrator.

# Workspace

Workspaces (opens new window) are collaboration spaces in Onna that allow you to:

  • Add members with different roles to collaborate in the Workspace
  • Search across and share Datasources
  • Export saved searches or entire Datasources

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