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Onna API Glossary

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Type of content in the Onna platform used to collect data from cloud-based services that holds the configuration values needed to establish a connection to the remote source.

Identifier for the different account types in Onna.

A programming construct that allows a certain trait to be reused among other software components.

Identifies a component, defined in the configuration values

Password, used in conjunction with a client_id, to generate a service token

The name of the database attached to your account. Our naming convention is to use the account name you provided during the self-registration process.

HTTP headers are typically used to send additional information about the request or response. Authentication tokens can be sent in a HTTP header.

A one-time use link that provides a direct landing on specific content within the platform

Short for operation, used in the payload of a request to inform the API that an action needs to take place on a value.

Shorthand for "principal + role", used when sharing resources

service account
A service account will permit you to access certain administrative parts of the Onna API. The service account will be able to access the platform regardless of SSO/MFA settings.

The name of your account.

scope, container, and account may be the same value.

Typically a JWT token, which is returned from the login endpoint.

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