Try the API with Postman

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Learn how to try the Onna API using Postman

We recommend using Postman (opens new window) to get an overview about the API.

# Requirements

# Set up

  1. Download and install Postman.
  2. Sign up for an Onna account (opens new window) and follow the instructions.
  3. Download onna-api-example.json (opens new window) and environment.json (opens new window) files from our repository.

# Configuration

# Disable telemetry

You can disable all tracking by setting Send anonymous usage data to Postman to OFF in the settings window.

Postman Disable Telemetry

# Get authentication token

Get your token from your browser:


The tokens used in the examples below are customized placeholder tokens.

# Values

Postman allows to use a configurable environment using a set of key-value pairs. Creating commonly used variables that can be referenced by multiple requests in a collection.

More documentation on the Postman environment can be found in the Postman docs (opens new window).

It is important that you edit and replace some of these variables with your own values.

Access the edit dialog by clicking the gray eye button next to the environment dropdown (highlighted in blue below):

Postman example 1

Select Edit (highlighted in blue below):

Postman example 2

Replace the following values with your own initial one:

  • user Username you provided during self-registration. For example
  • container The name of the database attached to your account. Onna naming convention is to use the account name you provided during the self-registration process.
  • account May be the same value as container.
  • password Password of your account.
  • token Your JWT token

scope, container, and account may be the same value.

You should have obtained these when creating your own Onna account (opens new window).

You can find more information in our glossary.

# Examples

# Account information

Postman example 3

# Account status

Postman example 4

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